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Mr & Mrs Armstrong – Winlaton

We are very happy we chose to go with The Bathroom Studio after visiting the showroom and liking their approach to assisting our tentative enquiries.

Choosing and fitting a new bathroom can be a complicated procedure so the average customer isn’t doing it often enough to gain the relevant experience. It is so important to get it right first time as its a big spend item; so you are well advised to take professional help which is exactly what The Bathroom Studio offer.

Graham produces computer generated pictures of what the finished job will look like and doesn’t mind looking at several options until you are happy. He also recommends the various fittings for the job which is a great help.

If price is your only criteria I suspect that it is possible to buy the items cheaper on line and find your own tradesmen. If; however you are like us and want expert advice and minimal disruption then the people at The Bathroom Studio do their very best to provide a hassle free service.

Like most home improvement services, the company are often judged on the quality of their on-site fitter. We had Rafa…. and whilst we don’t do gushing he is without doubt the most amazing multiskilled person we have ever met.

Thank you and kind regards.

Alan Armstrong.

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