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Our Bathroom Project – Update 8th August 2016

Today we have started looking at what we like / dislike about the current layout of our bathroom and made a list of what we want to change. Like most of our customers we want to change just about everything in the room.

11 years ago when we moved in to our new build home we believed we had designed the perfect bathroom – with a huge freestanding Jacuzzi whirlpool bath / steam cabin with body jets / double basin unit with sit on bowls and minimal furniture and tiling. Very early 2000’s and at the time the height of fashion.

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Now we hate the huge bath taking up so much space due to it being on an angle / never use the whirlpool / never can be bothered to clean behind it and the only time the bath actually gets used is to wash the dogs.

Due to hard water where we live the steam has stopped working in the shower a long time ago and to be honest we never really found the time to use that and all the differing body jets and sprays. Just give me a good overhead drencher shower and minimal cleaning in the shower area.

Double basins with no real storage and no mirrored cabinets over – what were we thinking !!! We both use the same basin and I hate seeing clutter on show!!

Bland travertine looking tiles and magnolia paint.

And an amazing radiator – which we could never get towels on and was the best dust trap ever.

So… Lots to change.

Our brief… a large shower area with minimal cleaning and a simple but large shower head / lots of storage and more storage / a comfortable bath with a shower hose so I can still wash the dogs / fully tiled with lots of interesting features / mood lighting / and a bidet. Contemporary style / bright and fresh colour scheme and easy to clean.

So now we know what we want to achieve its over to the designers to come up with the layout and how best to use the space.

It’s wonderful to have the input of both Graham and Michelle Mc as they both have differing styles and suggestions. After looking at various options of moving the bath near the door where the shower is / different configurations of furniture and where to put the bidet… in the end it was quite easy for us all to settle on this layout. This gives us great storage options and we will have a large shower area and a good size bath not taking up too much floor space.

The 3D computer generated images that we produce are invaluable for us non-designers to visualise how your bathroom is going to look and can even show the exact products and tiles you choose.

** Note to our clients. At this stage the best advice is for you not to overthink the design and layout of your own bathroom as that is the job of the professionals and they always aim to come up with something that you hadn’t thought of or at least the best design possible. Write a short brief of what you want out of your new bathroom and then come in for a consultation and let us do the rest of the work for you.

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